The significance of Deliverance in each and every Christian’s Life

It’s so unfortunate that in this era there’re lots of Christians out there nobody don’t know or even know very well what spiritual deliverance is. Sadly, ignorance is no defense! Simply because you have no understanding of what spiritual deliverance is all about, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t require it or that it just doesn’t apply to you & whatever situation that you may be going through. You need to realize that the devil is simply not going to spare yourself on the account of you being unsure of or being aware of what being in spiritual bondage is. Deliverance is actually released from spiritual bondage. It is having all of the satanic yokes in your life destroyed, it is being set free of the powers of darkness that are manipulating and controlling your life.

The blood of Jesus

Obadiah 1:17: "But upon Mount Zion will be deliverance, and there will be holiness; and also the house of Jacob shall possess their possession."

A lot of us Christians possess the misperception that after we've surrendered our way of life to Christ & have accepted him as our Lord & personal Savior then all of our problems will just somewhat magically vanish into thin air. However, it’s only a matter of time before reality hits us & we begin to understand that that‘s definitely not the case. If truth be told, that’s usually only the start of a long & quite often difficult journey in our Christian walk! Within no time, it becomes very evident to numerous us Christians that the exact same problems that i was confronted with and experiencing before we became born again Christians can be found and still very much a problem in our lives after we become born again Christians. Ought to be fact, for a lot of us Christians it usually appears like the instant we decided to accept Jesus into our lives to become our Lord and Savior, all hell breaks loss.

spiritual warfare prayers

Ephesians 6:12: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, from the rulers from the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

The reality from the matter is that in order for us Christian to experience spiritual victory in each and every area of our way of life we want deliverance. Which is because at some point or any other all of us lived sinful lives. It really doesn’t make any difference be it our very own personal sins, our parents’ sins, ancestral sins or generational sins. When it’s all said and done, sin is sin and it doesn't matter how that sin got into your lifetime you should think that it will have a devastating effect on your lifetime. This is because the instant that sin applied for your life it gave Satan the legal right into your life.

As a result, you most likely need deliverance if any of the following things affect: You hear strange voices, you were involved in the occult, you encounter chains of unexplainable problems, you come from a polygamous family, you’re engaged in profitless effort, you have been chronically ill all your life, you're constantly harassed by evil spirits, your trials have refused arrive at a finish, you've got a good reputation for poverty in your family, you had been conceived in adultery or fornication, you've horrible experiences in your dreams, you observed you have inherited problems, you observed that you're bound by sin or Satan, you had imaginary playmates in your childhood, you've took part in a non-Christian religion, you are operating under evil covenants and curses, you possess an evil trend of problems in your family, you suffer from unexplainable family breakdowns, rather than going forward, you're constantly moving backward, your inputs and efforts constantly neglect to get success, you find it difficult to obtain baptized within the Holy Ghost, you have a difficult time reading the Bible or praying, you’re being governed by a power unlike your will, you’ve consulted palm readers, satanic advisors and psychics, you've got a history of sexual perversion in your bloodline (polygamy, adultery, rape, incest, molestation etc, you've engaged in a lifestyle of cheating, robbing and theft.


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